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Target: Heart Health

Know the Facts About High Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure aka Hypertension: Explained What Is High Blood... 

Arrhythmias Explained Arrhythmias

What Is An Arrhythmia? An arrhythmia is a problem with the speed... 

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Target: Sexual Health

Vasectomy Vasectomy

Vasectomy What is a vasectomy? A vasectomy is a surgical procedure... 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction How does erectile dysfunction happen? Erectile... 

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Target: Prostate Health

The Promise of Prostate Cancer Research Prostate Cancer Research

The Promise of Cancer Research Doctors all over the country are conducting... 

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treating Prostate Cancer Many men with prostate cancer want to take... 

Understanding Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer

The Prostate What exactly is the prostate and where is it? The prostate... 

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Target: Cold & Flu

Fight the Flu! Fight the Flu

The Flu: Explained What are Seasonal Flu, Avian (Bird) Flu and Pandemic... 

The Common Cold The Common Cold

Understanding the Common Cold Sneezing, scratchy throat, runny nose-everyone... 

Is it a Cold, an Allergy, or the Flu? Know the Symptoms

Do you have a Cold, an Allergy, or the Flu? Sometimes it’s hard... 

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Target: Sex & Relationships

4 Ways Sex Relieves Stress 4 Ways Sex Relieves Stress

Your 401k is in the tank, your online account cost you more to trade than it gave back, and your credit cards are maxed out. You are working extended hours and when you finally drag your sorry butt through your door all you want is to collapse in your... [Read More]

How to Be Spontaneous in the Bedroom How to Be Spontaneous in the Bedroom

Looking to improve your sex life? You may have already heard that being spontaneous is a great way to spice things up. Spontaneity often leads it an increase in interest and an increase in satisfaction for sexual encounters. However, some men and women... [Read More]

Date Your Girlfriend or Wife for Better Sex Date Your Girlfriend or Wife for Better Sex

Love and romance are two important aspects of any intimate relationship. When looking to develop or maintain a relationship, dating is an important component. But, after time has passed, many couples enter into an area of being too comfortable with each... [Read More]

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Target: Tips & Tricks

4 Ways Sex Relieves Stress

Your 401k is in the tank, your online account cost you more to trade... 

Breathe Easy: 10 Tips to Workout with Asthma Workout with Asthma

Exercising can actually help you beat your asthma symptoms. Working... 

5 Surprising Foods to Boost Your Libido Boost Your Libido

Looking forward to wild night but not quite feeling up to the job?... 

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Target: Fitness & Nutrition

Great Tips for Gaining Weight Tips for Gaining Weight

Americans are obsessed with losing weight. It’s impossible to browse... 

Hangovers: Do’s and Don’ts Hangover Tips

The Morning After One way to prevent the severity of a hangover is... 

The Lowdown on Calcium Supplements Calcium Supplements

Essential Calcium Is Calcium really an essential vitamin to take... 

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