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Advertising Policy

Thank you for visiting MensHealthBase.com (“Site”), and for you interest in our Advertising Policy. This Site strives to provide its community of consumers with health information we believe to be relevant and important to their needs. The purpose of this policy is to explain the types of advertising we feature on our site and the rules we follow with respect to advertising. This policy will also help you recognize the difference between advertising and independent, editorial content on our site.

This Advertising Policy applies to the Fast Forward Interactive Web Sites owned and operated by Fast Forward Interactive, including the MensHealthBase.com site. Reference to “Fast Forward Interactive” means Fast Forward Interactive, Inc., including any company that Fast Forward Interactive, Inc. controls (for example, a subsidiary that Fast Forward Interactive, Inc. owns).

When we speak of “advertising” or “advertisements,” we mean any type or form of advertising, sponsorships, and promotions for which we receive compensation. Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy for further details.

Endorsement of Products and Services

All products or services provided by or advertised by third parties are considered sponsored and not an endorsement by Fast Forward Interactive of the quality and/or services offered by said sponsor. If at any time, Fast Forward Interactive becomes aware of any breach of these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove such advertising, products or services. Fast Forward Interactive will not permit any advertising that seeks to aggrieve the Fast Forward Interactive name or brand.

We’ve established guidelines, using clear and consistent language and visual cues, to enable you to distinguish between advertising and editorial content. You will see the following descriptors on our Site for different types of advertising:

1. “Advertisement” is the label used to identify the most common form of advertising on our Site, which is banner advertising. Ads are labeled with the word “Advertisement” in the top or along the right-hand side of the advertisement. Advertisement When you click on an advertisement, it will link to a website that’s operated or promoted by the advertiser. Fast Forward Interactive has no control over the advertiser’s website or the policies on that site. We encourage you to review the terms of use, privacy policies, or other policies applicable to those sites before using them.

2. “Sponsored by” is the label used when an advertiser has paid for association with an article or service. You should know that the content or service is not editorially controlled or influenced by the advertiser. This kind of advertising is clearly identified when the content or service is “Sponsored by” the advertiser.

3. Search results are displayed in response to search queries or keywords entered into the search box within the header of every page. These results are algorithmically generated by Fast Forward Interactive, and advertisers do not influence the order in which these search results are presented on our site.

Fast Forward Interactive identifies search based advertising in the following manner:


Any paid advertising listings posted on search results or other pages of our site will be labeled “Ads by Google.” For detailed information about how Google sorts these listings, go to their website at http://adwords.google.com/

Personalization of Advertising:

Fast Forward Interactive provides its users with offers determined by such factors as health condition, symptoms, and product usage. These factors are ascertained through a question-and answer-segment present within the Site. Our goal is to attempt to show our users offers that may be useful not only to themselves, but also to members within their household and people they care for. If at any time, a user of the Site is presented an offer that does not fit their specific taste or relevance, Fast Forward Interactive offers numerous opportunities to abandon said offer and move onto a more congruous area of the Site, or the user may opt-out of receiving such offers as described in our Privacy Policy.

Fast Forward Interactive cares about the relevance of member-tailored offers and prohibits any offers that, as determined by Fast Forward Interactive at its sole discretion, are fraudulent, deceptive, offensive, or not in good taste.

Advertisements We Do Not Accept

Fast Forward Interactive has adopted certain rules and guidelines on the types of advertising that we accept.

Advertisers must agree not to place any advertising that*:

  • Contains false claims or claims designed to be misleading to our readers
  • Makes health claims that are not adequately substantiated
  • Promotes products that are illegal or whose distribution would violate the law
  • Promotes the sale of firearms, ammunition, or weapons designed to inflict serious bodily harm
  • Promotes the sale of fireworks
  • Promotes any form of betting or gambling
  • Promotes or encourages pornography
  • Advocates a political, religious, or controversial public position or candidate for public office

In addition, we do not accept advertising that promotes alcohol or tobacco products. However, we do accept advertising for educational campaigns such as smoking cessation and responsible drinking messages that are consistent with our desire to assist in educating consumers.

* Fast Forward Interactive does not independently verify advertisers’ compliance with this agreement.

Updates to This Policy

Fast Forward Interactive reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add to, update, change, modify, or revise this Advertising Policy or our services simply by posting such change, update, or modification on the Website. Any such addition, update, change, modification, or revision will be effective immediately upon posting. Upon any change to this Advertising Policy or our services, we may also notify you via e-mail if you have opted-in to receive email from this Site.

If you do not accept the terms of this Policy, we ask that you do not visit or register with Fast Forward Interactive or this Site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Effective: September 2008

Content Created/Medically Reviewed by our Expert Doctors
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Created/Medically Reviewed by our Expert Doctors.
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