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5 Exercises to Lose Your Love Handles

Here are five great exercises to lose your love handles and keep them off. If following an exercise routine is new to you, stick with the lower reps and work up to the advanced. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new workout.

Medicine Ball Torso Rotation

Sit on the floor in a kneeling position, butt sitting on your heels. Hold a basketball or medicine ball in front of you. Quickly twist to your left, and set the ball on the floor behind you. Twist to your right and pick up the ball. Bring the ball around to your left and set it down behind you again. Repeat. Do the same amount of reps on each side. For beginners: 5-8 reps. For intermediates to advanced: 10 to 12 reps. each side.

Side Jackknife

Lie on the floor on your left side, legs extended, feet together. Raise your torso off the floor, left forearm on the floor for balance. Hold your right hand behind your right ear, elbow pointed toward your feet. Lift both legs held together toward your torso while keeping your torso stationary. Pause so you feel the contraction on the right side of your waist. Slowly lower your legs and repeat. Finish your set on that side and repeat by lying on your right side. Same amount of reps. For beginners: 5-8 reps. For intermediates to advanced: 10-12 reps. each side.

Oblique V-Up

Lie on one side with your body in a straight line. Fold your arms across your chest. Keep your legs together and lift both off the floor, as you raise your top elbow toward your hip. You should feel an intense contraction in your obliques. For beginner: 10 reps. For intermediates and advanced: 12 to 16 reps. each side.

Speed Rotation

Stand while holding a dumbbell with both hands at your midsection. Twist 90 degrees to your right, then 180 degrees to your left. Keeping your abs tight and moving fast, but controlled. Bring dumbbell to center then repeat, alternating the side you started with. For beginner: 6-8 reps. For intermediate and advanced: 10 -12 reps. each side.

Saxon Side Bend

Hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells over your head, in line with your shoulders. Elbows slightly bent. Keeping your back straight, slowing bend directly to your left. Go as far as possible without twisting your upper body. Pause. Return to an upright position, then bend to your right side as far as possible. For beginner: 10 reps. For intermediate to advanced: 12-16 reps.

Content Created/Medically Reviewed by our Expert Doctors
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    Created/Medically Reviewed by our Expert Doctors.
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